Monday 12 October 2015

Bye Bye Desktop Application and Hello Web Application!

We have seen it all, The old world mentality of toolbars, menus, and right-clicking. All the innovation in user interface seems to be taking place on the Web, and Desktop applications are just not keeping up. Web Applications are evolving on line at a frenetic pace, while most Desktop Applications are still in 1999 desktop user interface conventions with barely noticeable new features.  The demise of the Desktop Apps has long been predicted in favour of Web-based models.

While still some of our clients wants a Native Desktop application there are reasons that Native applications are going out of trend.How did such good technology came to an end? In this post we shall review the top 3 reasons for the downfall of Desktop/Native Applications.

1. Downloading and Installing updates.

While any updates, be it Microsoft or Virus scan, could be very unwelcoming experience for the user. Imagine having to update desktop applications every time there was a bug fix or new feature? With Web Applications there is nothing to download and nothing to install. It makes the life of software provider and user much easier and smoother.

2. Access Analytics Anywhere

This AAA feature is goldmine to Managers. The ability to access the latest analytics of how your business is doing, from anywhere makes Web applications much desirable over Desktop. The workforce or customers too contribute to the data in real time from every corner of the World Wide Web.

3. Vitamin M

Web applications are easy to develop and less expensive than Desktop Applications. While Desktop Applications survive purely on one-time payment mode(during install), Web Applications thrive on recurring monthly payments. This model works well for both providers and service users.

In Short:

While the above reasons are good enough to go for Web Applications, there are still organisation that wants to go for Native Applications. Desktop Application could be used to store data during offline period and populate when connected to network, thus making computing on the go very flexible. There is still a style and ease associated with desktop icon as compared to one- in-hundred bookmarks in the browser.

If you have questions about creating a Web or Desktop application, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and quote. Also check out 5 Business Advantages of Web Applications over Desktop Applications. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Srivatsan Aravamudan
Srivatsan Aravamudan

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Srivatsan Aravamudan
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Public Relations and Social Media Manager

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