Thursday 26 November 2015

Why You Got To Get Rid Of Outdated Software

Employees today are increasingly abandoning their issued work computers in favor of using their own, personal devices for work. The reason? Their company’s technology has become more of a hindrance than a helpful business tool, and they find modern technologies out-perform and offer higher functionality than the older software and/or hardware. If personal software could be such a break through imagine working on a dated software system that was writtern years ago.

Unfortunately, outdated technology can cause serious issues for you and for your customers. The biggest issue with outdated technology is productivity impact. Sure, that five year old Software system works just fine and it “gets the job done,” but every record from the software takes twice as long to open, your software system crashes and needs to be restarted on a daily basis, and sometimes you just can’t rely on the fact that everything will be working just when you need it. How much time do you spend fighting with the technology that should be helping you? Isn’t that time that would be better spent actually engaging in activities that would help both you and your clients?

1. Multi/ time consuming manual process:
Spend a few minutes thinking about how employees at your company record, track and process information. Do accounting staff use one system for receivables and payables, and sales use another to enter in customer orders? Is the process of taking those orders and getting them fulfilled and into accounting a time-sucking manual process? Do employees in your warehouse use a completely different solution to track shipping and receiving?

2. Security:
The longer a software package has been around and the more popular the software package is, the more the software represents a security risk.

3. You are lost to your competition:
They want all of your business. And they are quite likely using technology to gain a competitive advantage. You can’t do that with old technology. Using modern applications on modern infrastructure allows competitors to communicate better, respond quicker, close more deals, and strengthen relationships.

4. Access to Information about your Business
If you cannot harvest the info on time, there is no point in recording it in the first place. The Old software systems communicate to old database resulting in Datawarehouse system thats hardly accessible of scalable to provide you those critical information to make decisions about your business. 

The consequences of these issues can be loss of productivity, or worse, loss of critical data that negatively impacts your business.Its time to upgrade your dated software system with new technology that would nourish, support and elevate your business standards. 

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