Wednesday 17 February 2016

3 Biggest Custom Software Buying Mistakes

3 Biggest Custom Software Buying Mistakes

Being in IT for over 13 years I can tell you with all honesty that custom software rocks. However, It could be the best thing that can happen to your organisation or the worst nightmare that you can imagine. In light of Smart City initiative by IDA, there is a lot more demand on use of information technology solutions than before. The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) recently released research demonstrating insights from the start-up community in the UK. The results of this exclusive survey shows that much of the start-up scene (51 percent) saw Singapore's Smart Nation vision as an attractive to them.

 "As Singapore pursues its vision to become a Smart Nation, it is working to tackle important shared global challenges arising from the realities of ageing populations and urban density through technology and innovation,” Executive Deputy Chairman of IDA, Mr Steve Leonard stated when speaking to media. 

This means that lot more demand would arise in IOT (Internet of Things) to integrate devices and sensors, which could be addressed directly using custom software solutions.  Various enterprises ranging in size, service offering and industry would need to create a cohesive software environment that can work well with both their internal and external user base.  So what could possibly go wrong in choosing the custom software solution? Let me list out the 3 biggest Custom Software Buying Mistakes one can make.

1. Choosing Vendor/Solution based on price alone.

Most of the organisation goes through 3 quote process,  which should not just focus on the cost but on the quality of the vendor. Custom Software is not a commodity, so you should not buy it like paper clips. Custom Software Technology consultants take pains to map out investment options and craft custom software executions.  So to put it simply, hire based on the vendor's experience, value proposition, transparency and standards.

2. Setting Hard delivery dead line

Speaking of delivery dates, custom software development projects, are best controlled by budget and aspiration—not primarily by deadline. Custom Software is a journey and Features determine how much code will be written, and at the moment of contract signing, the features you think you'll need are always dubious. Allow some wiggle room and work around the proposed schedule and estimated delivery date with your vendor.

3.  No clear business objective

Lot of companies invest in custom software solution merely to fix loop holes in their technical infrastructure. They often end up with different loop holes at the end of software implementation. Going for custom software is good initiative, however take a step back and ask some basic questions as to what business objectives you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Customised Software Development is a cake walk with the right consultant. Contact us at the below numbers / email to get a free no obligation quote for your custom requirement. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!
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