Thursday 29 January 2015

Business Angle of AngularJS : Why should they care?

AngularJS is a relatively new JavaScript framework by Google, designed to make your front-end development as easy as possible. There are plenty of frameworks and plugins available, but why should the business care about it ? As long as the requirements are met and application functions normally why would a business manager or end user should care about what technology that goes into building it?  

This is exactly like being a well informed customer who reads contents label at the grocery store. Besides that, the following are 5 reasons why as a customer you should care about AngularJS applications.

1. Developed by Google : Standardisation 

Seems pretty obvious but its important to note that AngularJS is built and maintained by Google. AngularJS came about to standardise web apps structure and provide a future template for how client-side apps should be developed. So google it! you can be sure that your project is built on the right ingredients.

2. Enables to create software quickly & with less efforts : Optimisation

Remember the time the delivery deadline started dragging to months?  If your consultant is using AngularJS, you can be sure that your application is developed faster and with optimal effort.

3. Easily Maintainable : Sustainability

AngularJS software projects are easily maintainable as things are kept in order and easily maintained compared to procedural ones. 

4. Encourages Good programming practises and Testability 

AngularJS basic usage will ensure that good programming structure and practises are maintained in your project. AngularJS is built in way which is easy to test!

5. Faster loading and Efficient UI : Efficiency

Single Page apps loads like a piece of cake with all the elements that are needed to make your working experience smooth.

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Srivatsan Aravamudan
Srivatsan Aravamudan

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Thursday 15 January 2015

AngularJS : 5 Guaranteed mistakes you do & how to avoid it

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available today. The developer’s friend is 100% JavaScript, 100% client-side and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. Its goal is to simplify development, so it's great for prototyping small apps. However its power allows scaling to full featured client side applications too. With great power comes the greater chances of making mistakes, this post takes a look at some of the common mistakes or pitfalls when using AngularJS which are consolidated for you to peruse. Here we go in no particular order.

1. MVC: Directory structure
Essentially AngularJS is MVC framework. The obvious practice while using MVC framework is to group files based on file type. However while scaling the apps, the layout causes many folders to be open at once, causing a lot of time spent scrolling through the directory tree.
Solution: Instead of keeping the files grouped by type, group files based on features.

2. Do it AngularJS way
While learning directives it’s tempting and easy to just write jQuery code wrapped in Angular directive. While this is better than working with no framework, this isn’t the AngularJS way.
AngularJS built-in directives, services $window, $timeout, $http are wrapped for you so you don’t have to accidently interfere with AngularJS. 
Solution: Don’t wrap jQuery code in a directive, only reach for custom solutions when you really have to.

3. Global Dependencies
One of the main issue in testing arises out of dependency injection module. Often when writing AngularJS apps, there will be a dependency on an object that binds itself to the global scope. This means it’s available in any AngularJS code, causing the issues in testing.
Solution:  AngularJS makes it simple to encapsulate these global into modules so they can be injected like standard AngularJS modules.Underscore.js is a great library for simplifying JavaScript code in a functional pattern, and it can be turned into a module

4. External callbacks and $scope.$apply()
At times programmers have to integrate with jQuery or need to handle events out of AngularJS scope using callbacks. Understanding $scope.$apply become essential as model changes outside of AngularJS context are not tracked by the AngularJS model binding infrastructure

Solution:  $scope.model='someData'; //scope updates have to be done inside the $apply callback. scope.$apply() causes a digest cycle to be executed and hence call to it should be minimized. Number of JavaScript constructs such as setTimeout, setInterval are available as AngularJS services

5. Not seeing the browser console log for errors
This is not just limited to AngularJS. Number of issues can be resolved just by looking at the error details in browser console log and taking corrective actions.
This is not a comprehensive list but can help you get started on where to look when you are breaking your head with AngularJS. For further reading please head to Thenittygritty and AngularJS Style guide

You might also be interested to look at these posts, Angular.js vs Ember.js : The perfect fit for Javascript Framework  & AngularJS & IE Family : Deal with it .If you like to know more details about the AngularJS apps we do, head to App development model . Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!

Srivatsan Aravamudan
Srivatsan Aravamudan

Public Relations and Social Media Manager

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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Purrfect : Cat videos for Small business

According to Google, people search the word "cats" online more than 30 million times per month. "Funny cats," meanwhile, gets more than 360,000 monthly searches. According to research conducted by the British mobile network Three, British Internet users share over 3.8 million photos and videos of cats each day. Cat videos without a doubt rule the Internet but why? and if we could crack the purrfect code,  could that be applied to small business ?

1. Engaging

Cat videos are the most engaging ones. Regardless of our goals and initiatives for the business, we all want the same thing out of every product or service we create - engagement! Is your product & service engaging enough? does it create an impression among the audience?

2.  Be Authentic

The Grumpy Cat meme is an outlet for expressing socially unacceptable sentiments. Lil Bub (as seen in Vice documentary Lil Bub & Friendz) provokes sympathy due to a combination of birth defects that highlight his vulnerability, small size, and undeniable cuteness. Cat videos are authentic. Find your niche audience and play to their interests. There could be thousands of products & services but let yours have its own brand, value and un-apologetically authentic.

3. Unify and reachout

Cat videos have an ability to unite people in a unique wayContent hubs, like the Internet Cat Video Festival, provide platform for cat owners and audience to come together. How can you unify your users, more importantly how can you reach out them about your products & services ?

4. Small is new Big

Cats are never intimidated by someone bigger than its size, rather they get curious. That's exactly what you should be doing with your business. There could be bigger and better competitors out there, just get curious and understand their business instead of being intimidated. This will help to get a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs and desires.

5. Be emotional

One reason people often share “cat content” is because it provokes a strong emotional response. The emotional aspect of virality cannot be easily summarised, but research indicates that physiological arousal plays a major role.The beauty of small business lies in the personal touch that evokes the emotional response from the customers, so never let go of it.

You may want to take a look at this post if you are a singapore based SME/Small business owner. To know what makes us purrfect please click here. Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

Srivatsan Aravamudan

Srivatsan Aravamudan

Public Relations and Social Media Manager

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