Thursday 4 February 2016

3 Success Tips for Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year is around the corner and we are all in the spirit of ambitious and adventures fire monkey. This most important Chinese festival has some traditional customs, which I believe can be applied to both personal and professional settings.

1. Clean Up  : 

Since the pronunciation of ‘Dust’ in Chinese sounds the same as ‘old’ (Chen), cleaning means sweeping out old things. When tidying up your house to welcome the New Year, do not forget to freshen up your PC. Simply use Cleanup to remove junk files and gain more space and uninstall unused/outdated  programs. This might also be a good time to tidy up those projects that no longer serves any purpose.

2. Makeover :  

Many people change appearances of their home and adorn new dress, as the legend sates that, doing so prevent bad luck from recognizing and following you. Why not makeover your workspace, upgrade your system or software or even your server? After all this where you invite and conduct all your business, so give it a boost and makeover for continued success. 

3. Spend Time on what matters :  

Apart from the celebratory feast, the festival is about coming together as family and spending quality time with loved ones. See how you can achieve this throughout the year by having a good work life balance. Examine those unproductive tasks that takes up too much of your time, and see if you can automate, delegate or eliminate using latest technologies.

This New Year brings double the happiness for us. We opened up our new development center at Chennai office with seating capacity of 100 employees. We hope to sustain and grow our workforces and our business with you.  Please accept our deepest gratitude on this occasion. We wish you a fantastic Chinese New Year! 

Enjoy the gallery of pictures from the Development Centre in Chennai.
We believe our customers are the sole reason we are here. So our client Mr .Satoshi "Steve" Yokote , Director NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd graced the occasion by opening our center. Next to him (from left to right) is Mr. Jaya Gopi, Pramod and Narasimaan(behind) the directors of PsiberTech Solutions.

Narasimaan(Director of PsiberTech) explaining concept wall art to the Steve from NS Solutions.

Wall Art : Signifies the driving elements of PsiberTech Solution such as Social Media Channels, CRM Software, Our Products, Technologies like Datawarehouse, HTML,CSS, Jscript, Cloud , which converges into web and mobile applications.

Our Office which is ready to buzz into the development activities.

At PsiberTech Solutions we value our roots. Lighting the lamp signifies gratitude towards all that has been provided to us by the universe, and to brighten our path towards excellence. This Indian tradition is followed during new beginnings.

Directors and Client standing tall in front of think pod room with another conceptual wall art.
( CEO - PsiberTech Solutions)
+65 62689551

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