Wednesday 5 March 2014

5 reasons why you shouldn’t choose a large consulting firm for IT services

I believe start ups and small to medium business enterprises should look for smaller IT companies to outsource to, mainly because they are agile, responsive, willing to learn and establish a long term relationship. 

The level of experience of each team member is much higher and the background is more diverse.  Apart from the obvious cost factor, below are the five reasons why it’s wise to choose smaller IT firms over large ones.


1. More staff does not mean more efficacy

The term “too many cooks spoil the broth “better applies to this situation. Better solutions does not come from several hundred strategists than a solo strategic genius.  Imagine the trouble of going through several people to get heard of your concerns and issues. Small IT firms has clear definitions of who is doing what and thus can help your business with clear direction and strategy.

2. Big ideas emanate from small IT consultancies

Large consultancies are slow to adopt new ideas. At large consulting firms, ideas and processes are the products, and altering these throughout the entire consulting staff takes time. It’s relatively very simple when it comes to Small IT firms.

Service Industry is really flattened due to media platforms and consumer awareness. Small is the new big when it comes to IT. Unlike established large IT firms small IT firms always thrive to prove their presence and thus keep agile pace in generating big ideas. This can mean so much in finding the right and effective solutions for your specific IT needs. 

3. Right here Right now

Availability is the key while supporting issues related to IT solutions. Few hours of downtime can turn your smooth business into living nightmare.  Smaller IT firms have greater flexibility when it comes to supporting customer during crisis.  And thanks to new technologies like online chats and conferences the consultant you need is always right where you want him to be.

4. Entrepreneurial thinking is found in small companies

Non-conformist thinkers flee to smaller firms as large companies resembles any other large corporation when it comes to politics, ladder climbing and adherence to policies.  When you are looking for out-of-box thinking for your IT needs, it’s more likely to come from Smaller IT firms than larger companies.

5. Consultant’s success is not your success.

When you are working with small IT firms it is clear who the consultant wants to please: you. However imagine working with large company with so many layers of managers, project leaders and consultants. For a consultant to be successful in large company, he needs to please many layers of internal bosses. Although your project may be important to him there are several factors other than your project that would mean success to him.

Srivatsan Aravamudan
Design and Communication
PsiberTech Solutions Private Ltd


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