Wednesday 21 May 2014

End of Office 365 Auto-Hosted Apps & Getting Most out of Sharepoint

 5 Pointers for Sharepoint and Auto-Hosted Apps migration

5 Tips to get the most out of SharePoint and information about Office 365 Auto-Hosted Apps Migration.

Microsoft has recently announced that the Office 365 Auto-Hosted Apps Preview program will end on June 30, 2014. This means effective from June 30th developers will not be able to create new Auto-Hosted apps in SharePoint. Before we press the panic button, read here  about the announcement from Microsoft. Vendors have to migrate from Auto-Hosted Apps to provider hosted apps, you may find the instructions for Auto-Hosted app migration here

While such announcements are proof that SharePoint is getting more streamlined, its high time organizations think about Maximizing Value and Getting the Most out of SharePoint. 

Below are the Top 5 pointers that can kick start your thinking:-

1. Clear strategy :

While the upcoming workers are more interested and accustomed to social collaboration which is an unstructured collaboration like (chat, file sharing, online meetings, real-time connections), many organizations still depends on the structured collaboration (document lifecycle, workflow-enabled activities, team sites). SharePoint is a great collaboration tool, which can bridge the gap between unstructured and structured collaboration. However organization should have clear policies and strategies that align to social collaboration to make the best use of SharePoint.

2. Search:

Search is perhaps the most important and definitely business critical feature. Also this is the number one reason why people get most dissatisfied with SharePoint. Microsoft made huge investments in improving the search experience within SP2013. There are wide array of features that organizations must use to solve this problem.

3. User Adaptation:

The worst nightmare for organizations while investing in SharePoint is the user adaptation. Business users struggle with SharePoint and most of the time does not explore more than the document upload. While training and designing UX is the key point to overcome this issue, there is also a small catalyst that can help. Provide a social identity to your users and enable them to rate, comment and tag. Provide accurate organization chart and Target information. Most importantly sync activities to outlook via social connector. In short give everyone a profile page, a social identity and see how quickly your employees turn into SharePoint ambassadors

4. Governess:

In simple who does what. Implementation of SharePoint will do wonders, if only everyone knew their roles and rules. Design a clear role chart and assign it to your employees. For example who does the Industry news, and how often this person needs to update the content of Industry News.

5. Content:

Last but definitely not the least is the content. SharePoint itself isn’t going to do anything for you without good content. While assigning roles helps to bring in the content, it’s often the quality of content that would help your organization. A good place to start would be, how often you would update your organization chart and whether your employee contact information is latest.

SharePoint is a great tool and that’s why it’s in the spotlight all the time. If you haven’t already implemented SharePoint or struggling with any aspect of it then finding the right consultant to help you would be a worthy investment. Please feel free to visit our page and check out the SharePoint services we provide. If you have any comments about the article please feel free to write it in the comment section.

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