Wednesday 20 August 2014

AnglurJS is what you should be using in your next development project

Whether you are diehard fan of knockoutJS or evangelist of Ember / backbone or any other framework that you are using now, you wouldn’t want to miss out on AngularJS. I will list out the 5 reasons that will explain why AngularJS is gaining so much momentum recently and why you should take it seriously.

1: MVC Components:
Many of MVC frameworks would split the MVC components thus giving you lots of work to string them together. AngularJS simply asks you to split your app into MVC components, then takes care of the rest.

2.  Two way Data- Binding
Probably the coolest and most useful feature of AngularJS. Most of the web application code is dedicated to traversing, manipulating, and listening to the DOM. AngularJS saves you from all the trouble and handles synchronization between the DOM and model and vice versa. You can bind your data value using a code similar to the one below
<!doctype html>
<html yourapp>
      <label>Field Name:</label>
      <input type="text" your-model="Firstname" placeholder="Enter your first name here">
      <h1>Hello, {{FirstName}}</h1>

3. Declarative user Interface
HTML is a declarative language which is more intuitive and guess what? AnuglarJS uses HTML to define the interface of your app. Since HTML is also used to determine the execution of the app, it simplifies the apps development in significant way.

4. Dependency
AngularJS built-in dependency injection system makes it easier to develop and test the applications. Dependency Injection (DI) lets developers ask for dependency instead of searching through them. Simply define what you want and AngularJS will take care of dependencies.

5. Directives
This feature tops my list of favorite things about AngularJS.  Wonder what it will be like if your HTML has so many rich elements that will do the tricks for you (like <accordion></accordion> or <lightbox></lightbox> ) and you don’t have to manipulate DOM to stimulate them. You may also invent your own HTML tags that serves as new, custom widgets.

myModule.directive('myComponent', function(mySharedService) {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        controller: function($scope, $attrs, mySharedService) {
            $scope.$on('handleBroadcast', function() {
                $scope.message = 'Directive: ' + mySharedService.message;
        replace: true,
        template: '<input>'

Your custom widget:
<my-component ng-model="message"></my-component>

Take away:
We covered only 5 essential features out of many advantages of using AnglurJS and why we strongly recommend using it. The take away here is that AnglurJS is a great JavaScript framework that has fantastic and easy features for both designers and developers.  So what’s stopping you from using AnglurJS? What are the challenges you faced while using it? Whether you love it or hate it, Share your views in the comments section.

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