Wednesday 7 January 2015

Purrfect : Cat videos for Small business

According to Google, people search the word "cats" online more than 30 million times per month. "Funny cats," meanwhile, gets more than 360,000 monthly searches. According to research conducted by the British mobile network Three, British Internet users share over 3.8 million photos and videos of cats each day. Cat videos without a doubt rule the Internet but why? and if we could crack the purrfect code,  could that be applied to small business ?

1. Engaging

Cat videos are the most engaging ones. Regardless of our goals and initiatives for the business, we all want the same thing out of every product or service we create - engagement! Is your product & service engaging enough? does it create an impression among the audience?

2.  Be Authentic

The Grumpy Cat meme is an outlet for expressing socially unacceptable sentiments. Lil Bub (as seen in Vice documentary Lil Bub & Friendz) provokes sympathy due to a combination of birth defects that highlight his vulnerability, small size, and undeniable cuteness. Cat videos are authentic. Find your niche audience and play to their interests. There could be thousands of products & services but let yours have its own brand, value and un-apologetically authentic.

3. Unify and reachout

Cat videos have an ability to unite people in a unique wayContent hubs, like the Internet Cat Video Festival, provide platform for cat owners and audience to come together. How can you unify your users, more importantly how can you reach out them about your products & services ?

4. Small is new Big

Cats are never intimidated by someone bigger than its size, rather they get curious. That's exactly what you should be doing with your business. There could be bigger and better competitors out there, just get curious and understand their business instead of being intimidated. This will help to get a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs and desires.

5. Be emotional

One reason people often share “cat content” is because it provokes a strong emotional response. The emotional aspect of virality cannot be easily summarised, but research indicates that physiological arousal plays a major role.The beauty of small business lies in the personal touch that evokes the emotional response from the customers, so never let go of it.

You may want to take a look at this post if you are a singapore based SME/Small business owner. To know what makes us purrfect please click here. Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

Srivatsan Aravamudan

Srivatsan Aravamudan

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