Thursday 12 March 2015

3 Common Issues of Data Warehouse project

 Data Warehouse

The success of business depends on the effectively use of collective knowledge of the organization. But it is not so simple because it is not easy to understand and use this huge volume of data from multiple sources and formats. A subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, and nonvolatile collection of data in support of management's decision-making process becomes vital to the success of business. The successful implementation of a data warehouse can bring major, benefits such as Better enterprise intelligence,cost-effective decision-making and Competitive advantage.

There are certain issues surrounding data warehouses that companies need to be prepared for. A failure to prepare for these issues is one of the key reasons why many data warehouse projects are unsuccessful.

1. Loading & Cleaning Data : There may be a need to cleanse the data, which is not getting validated by the transaction system. some experts have said that the typical data warehouse project will require companies to spend 80% of their time loading and cleaning data.

2. Data Data everywhere : The end-users may not know how to use the data, as they are so much into the existing reporting culture. As a result of this user may be interested to create various types of reports out of the data, however the data many not culminate into meaningful decision process. Data warehouse is very powerful solution to implement, however understanding the requirement of the user and creating the necessary report structure is important responsibility of the consultant.

3. Granularity problem – Sometimes the transaction system may not have the data at the lowest level.This may occur frequently in a data warehouse that is tailored towards products or customers.It is important to make sure that the information that is placed in the data warehouse is rich in detail.

Its important to engage the right consultant to help you Pre plan, Analyse, and Implement the Data Warehouse Solution with reduced effort and disruption to users. Contact us to know more about Data Warehouse and how it can benefit your organisation. Thanks for dropping by and Have a fantastic day!


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