Friday 15 January 2016

What matters in 2016 : Digital Transformation & Focus for the year

2016 is going to be an important year, in which fundamental reform of our business structure, capability, and organizational culture will be made in order to create a foundation for new growth. Let me start by sharing our main focus for this year.
  • Strengthen our domestic profit base by continual improvement in the way we approach customer service.
  • Establish corporate structure in both onshore & offshore offices for sustainable growth.
  • Enhance our quality objectives & transition to new ISO9001:2015 standard.
  • Welcome new business and collaboration using consistent marketing strategies.
Digital transformation is the next stage of the Software Development in Information Technology evolutionary process that began with cloud and mobile. It is a dynamic concept for leveraging advanced programming technologies to help enterprises innovate new businesses. It will also help companies become more competitive by rapidly transforming through IoT(internet of things), Business intelligence and big data which can be used for data analytics.

Given our current times of increasing competition, complexity, and change, when people and organizations are expected to continuously accomplish more with less, PsiberTech will maintain a culture of transformation to stay relevant in the custom software development industry. We understand sustainable superior results can only be achieved by continually developing and improving our organizational systems and processes. 

We are happy to annouce the opening our own development centre with seating capacity of 100 employees in Chennai, India. We believe everything’s possible with our conscious choices and positive attitude. We welcome you to walk with us as contributing partners in attaining our combined goals for 2016.

CEO PsiberTech Solutions

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