Wednesday 24 February 2016

Here's why Custom CRM is best for you

Welcome to the age of Customised products. Tailormade solution is the new black and we would see this trend continue for years to come. There are lots of reasons why we should embrace this, especially when it comes to Customer Relationship Management System(CRM). Although many major software vendors offer enterprise CRM system, they all have infamous reputations for being expensive, cumbersome and least user-friendly. 

So instead spending your IT budget on complicated & Inflated CRM software, why not invest in light and effective customised CRM for fraction of that budget? Let me propose the top 3 reasons why you should do so.

1.You are in Control

Lets get it right, you know what you want. So instead of using a CRM that is built around with someone else process, why not built it according to your needs. Imagine all you need a CRM for your sales team but the one you buy off the shelf has exuberant bloated features like linking everything including the social media. Your staff would be spending a lot of time, trying to understand, use and input data that you may never need or use.  Let your daily operations run smoothly and efficiently by building around your business process. Your CRM should fit your company and not the other way around.

2. Pay for what you want

Most companies are operating on tight budget when it comes to investing in IT. Lets be honest, whats hot today is ice cold in a blink. With custom CRM solution, you pay exactly for what you need, nothing more and nothing less. This is effective when you want to escape per user pricing model. Many SaaS company still cling on to this pricing and this model is far from reality. Some companies even work around by letting one department people use the CRM while others wait for their access. I let you imagine the sheer cost of ineffective and under used resources.  With custom software you would be paying for the product, which means everyone in your company can use the software with ease.

3. Integration is the Key

We all get it, most of our IT eco system is complex silicon forest.  The software system we introduce into this environment can either work well with other systems or perish instantaneously. By using the custom software you have the opportunity to automate many other areas of your business, starting from sales to customer service to technical support. Let your data flow from one end to another easily. Integration can help you efficiently manage your process and resources for your advantage.

There you go folks, perhaps you might be interested to know more about the cost of custom software or the importance of Analytics & Reporting

  Just drop me a note to say what you think about Custom CRM Software. If you have a business need to talk about, feel free to have a chat with me for more details. 

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