Friday 9 December 2016

User Interface - Why so curious?

Human Interaction with a computer targets at the higher productivity and facilitating a lower cognitive load. Graphical User Interface give developers more freedom with how they display information, images and other elements.

In comparison with text-based interfaces, well-designed Is have shorter learning curves that even untrained users can easily navigate. Also, users don't have to memorize and input text commands, since UIs have interactive graphical elements with same functions. UIs also offer efficient interaction with human-interface devices.

While people often think of Interface Design in terms of computers, it also refers to many products where the user interacts with controls or displays. The importance of good User Interface Design can be the difference between product acceptance or rejection.

Think about it, if command-line Linux is so much more stable, why isn’t everyone using it? -  Because simply put, the interface doesn’t give more traffic to the website. Unless you’re the geekiest of geeks, you don’t actually prefer a command-line interface to a nice UI. It comes down to basic human nature, we prefer things that feel natural and are intuitive to use. A command-line interface is not intuitive to use. A UI is.

For us IT professionals, having a good UI also helps us manage, support, troubleshoot and configure software more easily. Ever try to configure an Exchange server using the Exchange Management Shell only? If you have and it worked, then kudos to you. Having a good UI can make all the difference when working with various software. When you’re testing potential software, make sure you fully evaluate the GUIs and ensure they meet your needs.

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