Thursday 12 January 2017

Disruptive Technology: How to brace for 2017

Anxiety ridden, businesses brace up for another hopeful year. The term that is consistent with last and this year is Disruptive Technology. While we all believe Technology is supposed to aid Business and work in accordance to it, often the reality proves otherwise.

A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. It’s nothing new and always been part of Tech evolution i.e. consider this PC is a disruptive technology to Typewriter, Email is disruptive to letter-writing & Cell phone enabled us to call people anywhere disrupting the telecom industry.

AI: 2017 as experts predict, would be the year AI Robots ran the world. AI would practically make suggestions from everyday things like which route you take to work to making major decisions in business. AI would entirely depend and boost automation of everything it touches. Gartner recently pointed to AI and machine learning as two most disruptive trends on 2017.

Automation: As more people embrace devices with AI technology, an increasing amount of manual processes will become automated.  We are sure to witness automation replacing outdated systems both in-home and in-office for practical uses.

Internet of Everything: IoT would be Internet of Everything this year, and Hopefully your watch might talk to your air-conditioning, informing to switch it on full blast since you are coming home from running on a hot day.  

Geared VR: Samsung went all out this year in marketing its VR, Google and Facebook joined in the cause by providing significant leaps in this arena. Virtual Reality is would taking leaps and booming this year as its uses are tangible.

Print Everything:  3D printing made splashes to conventional printing. One could download and print almost anything from athletic wears, prosthetic legs, guns and even food. I cannot believe where we have come from squeaky disturbing sounds of dot matrix printer.

Digital ID: We have seen the rise of digital money and paying without card or cash in 2016. 2017 would add on to that by banking on validation using Digital Identification, like credit cards, driver’s license, Social security Number / Fins. I can only imagine someday everything about our identity would be online and digital.

Conclusion : We have witnessed paradigm shift in all of these disruptive technologies. This would be disruptive in the way we build products and also business as the new trends would command its usability into everything that we make today. Companies should be more open about how business and technology should be and venture into connected-ness, automation & intelligence. 

Software development is already evolving rapidly to provide for all the needs from these disruptive technologies and would continue to be so.  I believe it’s time we depend on each other more and It would be ideal strategy for companies to collaborate to provide innovative services and products for mutual benefits.  

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