Tuesday 4 April 2017

Cost Cutting in Custom Software – 5 : Owlsome View

Thanks for all the feedback and appreciation on this series. Time are hard and that is why cost cutting measures are important for all of us.  If you are tuning in for the first time, I urge you to start with this first post, and then to second, third and fourth on this series. Alright, now let us explore today’s topic: Owlsome View.

Procurement of software development services poses significant challenges to the both Company and its Consultants. Often the complication lies in understanding between the two parties on the features that is needed out of the software application.  Companies often leave out some specifics of the project, and thus create grey zones in their requirements. Consultants would counter act by buffering up the cost to address the grey zones during the actual development process. 

It is often difficult for the company to foresee all the features required by the application, due to the lack of technical expertise. Similarly, it is often difficult for the software or technology consultant to understand the business completely and provide a tighter pricing. Sometimes companies and consultants both need wholesome view of the project like a wise owl, or what I would call as Owlsome view.

Solution: Draft RFP for Owlsome View

Come up with a draft RFP that outline the details of the project. While this is usual for public sectors, private sector too can get the benefit of this situation. The idea is to send out a draft RFP to the qualified Technology consultants i.e. the suppliers for suggestions, advice and feedback. Request for cost saving measures from the Technology consultants and you would get some innovative recommendations which you can put in the final RFP.

The draft RFP will also help the Technology consultants to understand the project and find the grey zones, thus enabling them to provide necessary insights. Companies can identify quality of the consultants who engage themselves in the project and provide valuable feedback. Plus, companies can reaffirm the clarity of the requirements and make changes necessary before releasing the final version of the RFP.   With the updated final RFP, companies can have a Owlsome view of the estimates and consultants would be able to provide tighter costing thus keeping the overall price of the project in control.

That’s it folks, and since of you have enquired about the number of post in this series, let me clarify on that. I am planning to write 4 more posts on this series. I shall try my best to post them every day, however please bear with me if I miss a day or two.  Please head over here if you like to read more on this topic. Head over here to send me your feedback or suggestion as how I can improve the contents of this blog post.  Thanks for dropping by and Have a fantastic day!

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