Tuesday 9 May 2017

Leadership Takeaways from Macron’s Win

Emmanuel Macron, 39 year old, a former economy minister and investment banker surprised the world with his victory in presidential election. He is predicted to be the 25th President of French Republic. 

While french people are comparing the recent US election and basking in the glory of thier choice, the fact that good leadership leads to success remains a base in any endeavours. 
Below are the list of Macron's leadership qualities that we believe serve as a good takeway.

1. Get a clarity with numbers

Throughout his campaign, Mr. Macron made complex economic arguments backed with numbers and formulas in all his speeches, interviews, debates and advertisements. Being a former investment banker, Mr. Macron was always confident about the steps to be taken for the economic security of the Republic. 

2.Stop addressing fear in your words

A news website Hareetz mentioned that Macron never addressed about terrorism in any of his speeches. He always concentrated more on fighting unemployment in Paris' suburbs and ways to increase intelligent funding in France. He could convey the message confidently as he came from the economic realm. In one of the debates, his opposition leader Le Pen offered up the right - wing argument against him that was projecting the weakness that encouraged attacks, he turned it around and claimed saying that she was conveying a message of hysteria. Rather he portrayed patriotism as holding fast and not showing weakness by changing laws or norms. 

3.Determination towards achievement of goal

The most important quality in any of the fields is determination. He always eyed on prize and even when he found himself on the boards due to plenty of mistakes, he always found the strength to comeback and continue. 

4. Age is just a number but positivity gives more experience

Unlike his competitor, he never conducted negative campaigns. Le Pen, changed the tactics and tried to attack him for being too young for the position. But this just served to highlight the fact that she was touting the same lines for too many years.

5. Be patient

Napoleon Bonaparte advised, "Don't stop your enemy when he is making a mistake". And Mr. Macron proved that wisdom of advice during his debates. He allowed his opposition to attack and began to retaliate only during last 20 minutes of the contest. In political arenas in any other countries, such behavior would be considered suicidal. But his act proved that being patient and confident is the route for victory in any arena.

PsiberTech wishes Mr. Emmanuel Macron on his victory.
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