Wednesday 1 November 2017

IoT For SME (5/5) – Software Development Quality

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In my experience, I find Technological small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are good with managing their day to day operations. 

On several occasions, I noticed that they have created unique ways of managing their orders, customers and production hiccups. However, when it comes to translating these into software applications and utilising the Technology, SMEs often fail.  

This is due to combination of several factors such as:

1. SMEs that are involved in developing software often lack maturity in the development process.

2. SMEs often translate their existing system completely thus including all the loop holes and processes that are often unnecessary and/or can be achieved using better ways with technology.

3. SMEs often compare applications to what they know such as Spreadsheets or Word document and expect the software application to behave like what they know of.

4. SMEs find it harder to trust the complete automation and would prefer manual check points or control to ensure the software does exactly what it supposed to do.

At one end, they have the business logic and knowledge which is crucial to successful implementation of IoT software applications and on the other end is these inabilities or blocks that hurdles the software development process and its successful implementation. The solution to this dilemma lies in the quality of software development.

Software contractors often consider software quality as the system that does exactly what the user asked for, less bugs and follows standards with latest technologies as its back bone. However, in terms of users the quality often means delivering the software on time, within the budget, easy to use and support adequately by the software contractors.

Both these definitions of quality are correct. While it is important to consider the views of the software contractor, end user’s definition of quality is the factor that determines the success of the software implementation. Hence it vital to define the key aspects of the quality from the SMEs perspective before embarking on the journey of software development. If you like to know more about the quality in developing the software application, please write to us here. If you want to read more on how to outsource software development effectively, please head over here. Thank you for stopping by and have a fantastic day.

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