Tuesday 21 January 2020

What Netflix’s Circle have taught me about Networking

Let me start with a confession first, I allow myself to Netflix at times just to get away from the never-ending task list. As my psychology professor, Jerry would put it, sometimes you got to love the space between productivity.

If you don’t know what “Circle” is about, let me try and explain it without making it sound boring. It’s a reality show from Netflix where 8 contestants live in an apartment building in different units. They can never see or hear each other. They can only communicate via a social media app called “Circle”. Here is the twist, the contestants can either be themselves or can pretend to be someone else in the Circle. Everyone rates others based on their social media communications. The most liked contestant or the influencer gets to vote on who gets to go home from the competition. The winner gets 100,000$ at the end.

It's surprisingly riveting! Its a reality check and a true reflection on our influencers and social media. Aside from that, it really struck a deeper chord in me about our communication over social media platforms. In Circle, the top 3 contestants rose to the top, just by being themselves period. They kept the communications, honest, easy and worked on making real connections / allies.  “Duh! That’s the basics”, I can almost hear you say that, however, trust me it really takes a lot of courage and determination to remain real in the conversations we do via social media channels.

I am putting this to test in my communications, both in person and in social media channels.  I am already feeling the difference. Those awkward conversations on the networking events have turned into liberating ones, as I am not trying to be somebody I am not. The after conversation via social media channels are interesting and engaging. Most importantly I am making a real connection to the person on the other end of the line. So let's get back to the basics, the technologies/channels can change but we are ALWAYS working with people.  

Srivatsan Aravamudan - Sri
Senior Solution Consultant

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