Thursday 13 February 2020

Building an App for Business (2/5) : Outsourcing Tips

Mobile App Outsourcing Tips for Business
Mobile App Outsourcing Tips for Business

Welcome to the series on building a mobile app for your business. If you haven’t checked our first edition in this series, here it is for you.   We can’t deny the primary use of the mobile app – mobility. Its with us when we go to sleep and right there next to us when we wake up.  According to the recent Deloitte, survey the smartphone has penetrated 85% of the market and continues to be the go-to device for a wide range of activities. With innovations in the industry such as voice assistants, smart home and voice-assisted speakers, mobile technologies are generating a lot of consumer interest. 5G is also set to increase the computing expectations of mobile devices.  It goes without saying that mobile-ready is an important aspect for the success of business in the digital age. The better way to develop the mobile app is through outsourcing.

Cost reduction, efficiency, and manageability are some of the main reasons companies opt-in for outsourcing mobile app development. This way the business doesn’t need to worry about which platform to use or hiring the right programmer for the development.  In summary, outsourcing can reduce risks and produce exceptional results. However, this process can be intimidating, especially finding the right tech partner to carry out the development.

In this the article, you will discover the tips to maximize the outcome of mobile app development outsourcing.

Requirements – What and Why

You need to know your requirements before you begin the process of outsourcing. Why do you need this app and what this app is going to achieve at the end of the day? If you set out with unclear requirements you are going to end up with a product that is not in line with your business needs. Any more revisions or changes to the app will also cost you more money and time.  

Some questions to consider when you are writing the requirements are

What is the purpose of the app?
Who are the audience/customers of this app?
What is the USP of this app? Why would the customer want to download and use it over another one
What are the features of the app?

Experience counts

The tech a partner you are looking for needs to have the right experience to handle the development activities of your app. Research app developers well before outsourcing. Better expertise will translate into better quality in your app development. 

Some of the questions to ask when looking at their portfolio are

What are the (kind) of the applications they have developed?
Have they developed similar apps for the same or different industries?
Who are their customers?
How long have they been in business?

Setting expectations

While working with an outsourced team it's vital that you set clear expectations regarding the process, communication, and delivery. If you work with an international team, understand the availability of the team members during the development cycle. Also, check the milestones and status update meeting schedules.


Often organizations approach outsourcing as a one-sided project. Do not consider your outsourcing partner to magically churn out an application once you have given the requirements. Collaborate with your tech partner in each step to hear their thoughts and feedback on the technical feasibility of the business requirements.  A good tech partner would be able to guide you in your app development journey and would lead you every step of the way including strategizing, brainstorming, enhancing the user journey, etc.  


You can’t afford to compromise the quality, more importantly, you cannot afford to work with a tech partner who keeps missing deadlines or not delivering a decent work, hence finding the right partner is vital. Mobile App development outsourcing can be a daunting experience, given the number of tech companies that are offering the solution.  Often it's all about spending time doing the necessary leg work in finding the right fit that defines the success of the product development.  

Srivatsan Aravamudan - Sri

Senior Solution Consultant

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