Tuesday 3 March 2020

Building an App for Business (3/5) - Application architecture

Application Architecture redefines the success of the business app

Welcome to another article in the series of building an app for business. If you haven’t checked the previous articles on this series here, they are : 
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Let’s come to the topic of this article, what is application architecture and why it’s crucial for the business to pay attention to it. 
An application Architecture is the process of defining the framework of an organization’s application solution and match it against business requirements. 

Architecture ensures the application landscape is scalable, reliable and manageable. It also defines the what major business functions to support and how to manage the data.

A financial organization offering trading or monetary transaction through its application decided to revamp the application for adding new features based on the feedback from the customers. However, they have launched the changes without thinking about the architecture of the application. Users got stock trying to access their stock account details or during the process, the application reported several bugs and in the end, the organization lost its customers to the competitors who provided a more seamless experience.

According to Gartner application architecture determines how well the application performs during the volatile situation. Poor application architecture not only reduces business agility but also dampens performances and reduces vulnerabilities.

Business Value

Adopting agile methodology can really help in delivering application which can scale, quickly change according to user requirements and reduce time to market. However, having a clear business value aligned to the organization’s vision and customer focus is what makes the application successful. Thus, the application architecture needs to be mapped with key drivers and should be able to communicate the changes and its impact.

Flexible emergent architecture

Adopting to rigid complex architecture upfront as in the BDFU approach can really do harm to business apps. A business app needs to scale and change according to changing customer expectations and increasing competition. An emergent architecture combined with an agile approach provides just enough structure but enough room for improvement and changes.


Application architecture is going to be one of the key decisions for the organization deciding to take a plunge in application development. Development decisions must be collaborative development architects, application leaders and developers. Always consider how the application development infrastructure impacts the outcome, set clear objectives, knowledge-sharing platform and opportunities. If you like to strategies your application architecture write to us today.

Srivatsan Aravamudan - Sri

Senior Solution Consultant

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