Thursday 11 March 2021

Hybrid App: What are Hybrid Mobile Apps & Hybrid App Development


What are Hybrid Apps?

As of April 2021, in a report by GSMA Intelligence, it is estimated that there are 5.27 billion mobile users in the world. The majority of the time that people spend on their smartphones is spent on various apps. App development is very important today and developers have a wealth of choice when it comes to making an app. One important choice will be—should the app be a hybrid app? Read on to know more about hybrid apps.

What is a native app?

Before we understand what a hybrid app is, let us understand what a native app is. A native app is created in a specific programming language and for a particular platform such as Android or iOS. The programming language they are written in is the one that is accepted by the device platform. So, for most Windows phones, the native app is written in C#, while for Android and iOS, the programming languages are Java and Swift/Objective-C, respectively.

What is a hybrid app?

A hybrid app is built to run on different platforms, whether they are Android, iOS, or Windows.  A hybrid app is created using the same code for all platforms. Hybrid apps are downloaded from a platform app’s store. Hybrid apps combine features from web applications and native apps. These apps are created using web technology such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Essentially, hybrid apps are web apps that are put in a native app shell. Once a hybrid app is downloaded from the play store, the shell connects to all features that the mobile platform has through a browser that is embedded within the app.

What are some examples of hybrid apps?

An astonishing number of popular apps today are hybrid apps. Here are some examples of famous, high-performance apps that enjoy a high level of user engagement:






What are the features of hybrid apps?

Here are some of the features of hybrid apps that set them apart from other app types:

      Integrated with the smartphone’s file system

      Integrated with web-based services but runs as a real app

      Can function even when the smartphone is not connected to the net

      Browser is embedded so access to dynamic online content is enhanced

What are the hybrid app advantages?

  1. Single codebase:
    All hybrid app advantages
    stem from the fact that it has a single codebase. So instead of building two apps with different codes, developers build a single app using a single codebase, which is then tweaked to run on any platform.

  2. Scalability:  
    As hybrid apps use a single codebase, scalability is far easier than with native apps. Updates and patches are also easier to launch with hybrid apps.

  3. Lower cost development:
    When making a hybrid app, fewer resources are used to build the app since a single code is used for all platforms. This makes hybrid apps much more affordable than native apps.

  4. Time-efficient:
    Since developers use a single codebase for multiple platforms, there is much time saved that would have otherwise been used to develop apps suited for specific platforms.
  5. Online and offline functionalities:
     Hybrid apps work both online and offline because of the native shell infrastructure. When offline, the app may not display real-time data, but it will still load and display data that was previously loaded. 

Why are hybrid apps so popular among businesses?

  1. Quick loading speeds:
    Hybrid apps can deliver quick loading speeds due to their lightweight user interface that helps load graphics and content quickly and effectively.

  2. Consolidated development:
    Cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter and React Native have improved the development of hybrid apps. These frameworks have greatly simplified the process of app development making it easier for developers to build apps using a single code for multiple platforms.

  3. Broader market reach:
    Hybrid apps make it easier for businesses to reach a broader market by enabling the app to be launched on all platform types with a single codebase. This makes it more cost convenient as well.

  4. Offline capacity:
    Hybrid apps allow users to access most, if not, all features and data of the app even when the device is not connected to the internet.

  5. Offers a Native experience:
    Often Hybrid apps are capable of offering a Native experience, especially when these apps are developed on frameworks such as Flutter. Hybrid apps can deliver a superior user experience, which engages the maximum number of users, thereby, increasing sales and generating revenue for businesses.

  6. Easy to maintain:
    Maintenance is greatly simplified with a hybrid app. Hybrid apps bypass complicated updating processes by allowing an update to happen as easily as updating a webpage.

The bottom line

The convenience of a single cost and enhanced user experience as well as the cost and time saved, has made hybrid apps a popular choice among developers, investors, and businesses. Today, it is a leading choice for app development. But before you settle on an app type, choose one whose features and hybrid app advantages will best fulfil the parameters and deliver the expected results you want.




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