Wednesday 29 January 2014

Hassle Free Data Migration using DMM

The key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation is Data Migration. At PsiberTech we understand that to achieve an effective data migration procedure, data on the old system should be mapped to the new system providing a design for data extraction and data loading. We use customized data migration model DMM to achieve effective migration.

There are various factors that needs to be considered in a data migration project.
1. How long the migration will take
2. The amount of downtime required
3. The risk to the business from technical compatibility issues, data corruption, application performance and lost data


PsiberTech has handled a number of Data Migration projects successfully. We have the niche skill set and facilities to provide following Data Migration activities using the DMM module.

Storage Migration: Physical move of data.

Database Migration: Move from one database vendor to another, or to upgrade the version of database software being used

Application Migration: Changing application vendor or platform.

Business process Migration: Mergers and acquisitions, business optimization and reorganization to attack new markets or respond to competitive threat.

More information on migration and Data warehouse model :

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