Thursday 4 September 2014

15 HTML5 tools that saves time for developers

The HTML5 features and functionality have been growing over the last few years very rapidly. This has changed the web and mobile development arena. Developers are headover heals with HTML5 and there are quite a lot of time is spent on understanding, developing and testing these functionalities.

At Psibertech we have researched some of the tools that aim to make some of these powerful APIs more accesible and help developers be more productive. 

Whether you are prototyping, developing, debugging, testing or monitoring, there is a plethora of libraries, frameworks, tools and services you can choose from. And I have listed the top 15 tools here. If you have any questions regarding HTML5 web apps or mobile apps development please feel free to contact us here.

1. Font Dragr

 HTML kickstart

3. CreateJS

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