Thursday 18 September 2014

AngularJS resources in 7 languages

Google has been using AngularJS for many projects. Youtube for Sony PlayStation, Udacity, and if you look out for new ambitious projects you will see one common denominator - AngularJS. So we get it everyone are using it, but why ? There are 3 main aspects to consider

1. Flexibility : AngularJS framework is much better than Javascript Frameworks. AngularJS framework can be built to suit your project

2. Everyone are using it - Well we covered it already, but if everyone are using it , then that makes it easier to get resources and be part of the community. starting from stackoverflow to IRC and even from the creators themselves. In 2013, AngularJS was ranked #4 on the most contributed open source projects in the world.

3. Efficiency: AngularJS was built to leverage latest browser's power to extend native client-side technology HTML through Javascript. This will eliminate lot of boilerplate with features like two way data-binding, directives, filters etc. This will translates into less development time and QA time , improving the efficiency of the business.

What happens if one resource is so powerful? it gets translated! If you are planning to take the plunge into AngularJS, here are some interesting resources to get you started, in your native language!

1. AngularJS : Complete Tutorial ( check out their channel )

2. German : Mobile mit AngularJS und REST

You may also find loads of information here.

3. French : Tutoriel AngularJS/Node.js

4 Spanish : Introducción a AngularJS

5. Hindi : AngularJS in 60 ish mins

6. Japanese : [AngularJS]3つのMVC系人気フレームワーク、Backbone.js/AngularJS/Knockout.js ― 第1回 Build Insider OFFLINE

7. Bengali : AngularJS code writing concepts

So there you have it! Given the fan base I am sure you would have AngularJS resources in many languages, could you help me collate ? If you don't find it in here, please leave the resource information in the comments section. If you like to know more about how we use AngularJS in our apps please visit here. Thanks for stopping by.

You are Awesome!
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