Monday 8 September 2014

What CEOs must do to create Successful Creative Company Culture?

CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty said “Culture is your company’s number one asset.” and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you have a set of policies and procedures that’s defining the way you operate or a Small enterprise with no rules to play by, you already have an office culture. Whether that culture is creative and successful depends on innumerable factors that are unspoken by the management yet understood by the employees.  


There is no better person to implement the culture than the CEO himself.  The top person should have a positive image of the company and that should reflect in the environment that is created for the employees.
It’s easy to get lost into the sea of new business, customers and the services that we offer for them and completely forget to create a creative culture. However most often the problems the companies face can be traced back to the roots of company’s culture.  And by solving this fundamental aspect the CEO can solve several isolated problems in a single holistic approach.  The important aspect of the office culture is that, it’s not the idea of behavior of a single person but the collective behavior of the whole. 

As the CEO the three important questions to ask yourself is

What is my company’s mission statement?
What are its core values?
What are the temporary and/or permanent goals?

These three simple questions can steer the way into a culture that’s thriving for the employees and motivate them to do great work.  Here are some of the ways you can use to foster a creative and successful company culture.

1.      Thank your employees: Nothing beats respect and appreciation for the work they do, not even the money.

2.      Hold frequent meetings: Give space for new ideas to be discussed and implemented.

3.      Keep your employees engaged: This is sometimes difficult yet achievable. Keep your employees informed and engaged about areas that they might like to contribute.

4.      Company Events: Let your employees get to know each other in a different and open environment.  This need not be expensive, but would be better outside the office space.

5.      Support hard and fast rules theory: Your rules should be neither too relaxed nor too hard. Create rules that would invite freedom for innovation and creativity.

And don’t ever forget about the three basic questions. Your mission statement, core values and goals should be everywhere, for everyone to see. Create awareness about the values your company believes in and derive everything else from it. Let us know what you think of this article, and if you like to read awesome posts like this, please subscribe to our newsletter in ourwebsite.

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