Monday 8 September 2014

Tips & Tricks of Crafting the Perfect AngularJS Model

AngularJS is an MV* framework, but the model is mysteriously absent. As we in the web development industry know better than most, the universe hates a void. GoInstant has developed an AngularJS model for the real-time web , extending AngularJS's 2-way binding to simplify data-synchronization and persistence. Speaker Matt Creager will discuss what they've learned while developing their AngularJS integration GoAngular ( and how it can be implemented in your own Angular applications to create a more 'durable' foundation. 

Matt Creager is the core contributor of GoAngular, a data synchronization integration for AngularJS. He previously worked at BlackBerry analyzing petabytes of data, building real-time analytics dashboards, debugging enormous distributed systems, and doing his best to understand what makes for healthy systems and happy users. 

Brad Green (intro):
Matt Creager:
Brian Ford (lightning talk):

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