Thursday 25 September 2014

AngularJS & IE Family : Deal with it

Yes! AngularJS is here and its making bold statement. Unfortunately majority of projects using Angular do not support IE7/IE8 and have loads of compatibility issues with IE,  since that user base is insignificant. The corporate world is still hooked into some old and new web application that must work in IE7/8 upwards. So if you are banging your head to find a compromise between AngularJS functionality and make them work in IE, you are not alone!

Below are list of 5 resources you can peek in or indulge to deal with those marital problems with IE and AngularJS.

1. Angular JS Docs : Has a whole section on IE support. It contains a short and a long version on what steps should be followed to support legacy and dated IE versions.

2. Stack Overflow :   Quite a few discussions. Also check this and this

3. Andreas Blog :  I found this blog to be extremely useful. Take a look.

4. Happy Together? : This site has codes, errors and solutions. Perfect!

5. NG-Book : I am sure many of you are fans of this site

To know how we use AngularJS in our Apps and customised solutions, please visit our Apps development page.   Do you know why AngularJS is best for your next development project ? Take a look here. And see here if you would like to know AngularJS resources in 7 Languages. Also please take a look at the 15 tools that can save time for the developers of HTML5

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