Tuesday 21 July 2015

IT for SG50 : One Smart Nation

The red dot is buzzing with celebrations for its 50th birthday. Given its phenomenal rise from third world to first, Singapore's narrative in the first 50 years of independence is very clear. Cast out and left to fend for ourselves, our nation drew on its only resource, its hard-working people to survive and thrive. Going by the various initiatives, its also clear where the nation is heading in the next 50 years.

Speaking at the National Infocomm Awards in 2014, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said “Today, our government agencies are using IT in various ways, to serve citizens better – LTA in public transport, and URA in master planning,” 

“We can go much further if we bring citizens, government and industry together in this endeavor: to identify issues, co-develop solutions, prototype ideas and deploy them effectively to benefit the whole nation,” He added.

From virtual Singapore which will let public to report animal sightings & traffic incidents to Cybersecurity, Singapore is harnessing the power of  Information technology to evolve as Smart Nation in every aspect.

Here are few exciting things on the way

1. Internet of Things (IOT) / Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications
2. Big Data Analytics (Making sense of huge volume of multi-dimensional data)
3. Cutting edge Sensors that track & report different phenomenon
4. Wearable Technologies with meaningful applications (monitoring health, Elderly Care etc)

According to the IDA, “a key component in this vision is the new Smart Nation Platform (SNP), which is built around three focus areas: Connect, Collect and Comprehend. This will further Singapore’s capabilities in pervasive connectivity by building new infrastructure and common technical architecture to support a smart nation ecosystem.”

As a Technology Company we are proud to be part of the Information Technology Ecosystem. We are more than glad to be able to contribute to the Technology Landscape in our little yet significant ways. Singapore is a country that lives in the future, striving after the best living standards for its citizens and cherry-poking leading scientists and experts around the world to come here to work. Singapore is a country of nanotechnology, biotechnology, electronics and top-notch medicine. With that in mind relying on Technology could open millions of possibilities in every frontier. Let's raise our glasses to SG50 ! Here's to our Smart Nation!

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Srivatsan Aravamudan
Srivatsan Aravamudan

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Srivatsan Aravamudan
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