Tuesday 7 July 2015

Why & What you need to know about WPF

Few years ago Poheng Jewellery, one of our loyal customer, came to us with a requirement of Display management system. The system needed to be on the monitors of all the retail stores island wide to display Gold rate, Advertisement videos and any latest news. After careful considerations of many factors, we developed the system using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).  WPF was chosen due to the following reasons.

1. The ability to make very rich UIs relatively easily.
2. Easier animation and special effects
3. Inherent scalability
While some may have reservations over using WPF, over web based or other Windows platform for the similar situation, We believe WPF is a great desktop development platform. Microsoft designed WPF from the ground up to loosely couple presentation and business logic. This architecture allows us to use design patterns like Model View Controller (MVC) or Model View View Model (MVVM) in our development. These patterns not only separate business logic and UI, they also make it possible for us to unit test every line of code in the application

WPF is still considered one of the most suitable technology for many applications there are several reasons to it.

1. Its all about XAML

XAML is an XML-based language for describing user interface components such as text boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, and so on. XAML is also used to apply styles to these controls. XAML is very similar to controls in ASP.NET applications. XAML is compact compared to the many lines of code to declare the same text box within Windows Form. It also offers better portability and scalability when transferred from windows to web.

2. Animation

WPF makes doing simple animations very easy. While there are many business application that may not require animations, there are some that needs some kind of animation to enable user to interact with the system such as server monitoring or sensex display system.

3. Screen Resolution

WPF is built for rich UI experience and this is also another proof for it. WPF has built-in facilities for handling different screen resolution similar to the way HTML works with screen resolution.

4.Data Binding

Microsoft has provided more robust data binding and many more hooks that allow the flexibility needed for complicated business applications using WPF.We can have improved productivity using XAML for data binding.

5. Community

Microsoft is pouring millions of dollars into developing WPF tools. There is a large community and many third-party vendors behind WPF. A simple search could yeild many interesting websites such as CodePlex.com . Many vendors have also updated their control packs to support WPF. With such support its becoming vital for programmers to learn WPF and explore the possibilities.

If you have questions about creating a web or windows based WPF application, please dont hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and quote. Also check out 5 reasons why you shouldn't choose a large consulting firm for IT services. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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Srivatsan Aravamudan

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