Thursday 25 February 2016

I had to wait 5 minutes for Application to Load

Oh well, this happens to all of us and as singer Adele would put it “It happens to best of us". If you are working on a web application that’s older than your toddler, you know how painful it is to sit and wait for the web application to load. And it’s not just "startup" time, every time you make that click, be it save, cancel, open or even refresh there goes the rotating gif. It hurts us to the point we schedule coffee breaks for our clicks.  ”Network is slow, hardware needs upgrade" is the first few responses from the IT team. However few times into the problem you really know that the software you bought or made is struggling to keep up with latest technology.  

As they say, the most dangerous term in any language would be "We have always done it that way”. Just because the decade old application is providing adequate support to your business process, it doesn’t mean it’s efficient.  The problem could be deeper than slow working application and here are the reasons.

1. Paralyzing browser upgrade

IT department would wait years before upgrading the browser standard in any big organization. The reason is usually the old web applications. Administrators nightmare is that they may not cope up with new browser. This catch 22 situation either leaves the organization stagnated with old browser or paralyzed application after the upgrade. Basic features or GUI may not function properly after the browser upgrade. Yes technology is constantly emerging for good, and so should the applications that make use of them.

2. Cost of downtime

The cost of downtime for an application has a domino effect in the way we service our clients. More often the total loss due to application downtime is costlier than the investment that is needed to fix it in the first place. Patching up would not be wise decision, as fixing one bug in a badly written or outdated code would open up 10 new bugs. 

3. Performance

Most undervalued component of enterprise web application is its performance. It’s not just how fast your application can serve its purpose, but also how accurate and how relevant it is for your business process. As organizations mature, so does the business process. It is vital to keep a check to see what technical tasks written in old application still caters to the new business process.

Latest software development technologies like AngularJS has something called "Client side cache" where the client downloads all the necessary data from the server in single transaction, thus enabling the user to have access to information faster.  Having your application revamped or migrated to newer technologies could be the best gift you can give to your users, and doing so would enable a better service to your customers.

Upgrading your existing Web application is a cake walk with the right consultant. Contact us at the below numbers / email to get a free no obligation quote for your custom requirement. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!
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