Wednesday 11 May 2016

Singapore IT Market Trends & Custom Software Solution

BMI Research on Singapore IT Market, conducted last year reported that the Interesting areas of Singapore IT market are
  1. Cloud computing and 
  2. Emerging custom technology solutions around the internet of things. 
This high value enterprise mix in Singapore, combined with a supportive policy environment such as PIC claims coupled strong network infrastructure, make it a leading regional market for the latest solutions.

The trend shows Singapore will continue to be a lucrative market for vendors and IT consultants, with high levels for IT spending per capita. We expect total IT spending will increase at a CAGR of 3.4% which is about 8.8bn Singapore dollars over the period 2016-2020.

This includes Computer Hardware sales, IT services, Software Sales and Cloud computing and Internet of things demand. High-value enterprise will increase demand for complex solutions, while software-as-a-service will drive growth of basic enterprise applications by SMEs.

On another finding of an Omnibus Survey of Information Technology by Appain more than half of the 306 respondents choose to go for Custom software over pre-packaged software solutions. Some of the top benefits considered were ability to make enhancements and designing to serve unique needs. The top industries that were expected to reap benefit from this could be financial services, Manufacturing, Telecommunication and Healthcare.

Without a doubts most of the respondents in Appain survey believe that new market is emerging from cloud-based application platforms reducing the time and cost required to build, deploy and maintain software solutions. This would positively impact the way business is conducted in terms of access, availability of updated information and ease of maintenance. And these respondents are likely to migrate in 1-5 years of time from traditional desktop applications to web and mobile.

The 5 reasons you should consider going for Custom Software Solution over Web/Mobile in the Singapore Market are :
  1. There’s No Such Thing as One Size Fits All
  2. Realizing a Vision, Instead of Fitting in with Someone Else’s
  3. Adaptability and Integration
  4. Making Software Work for You, Instead of the Other Way Around
  5. Competitive Advantage
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