Friday 3 June 2016

Custom Software 101 : Self Help Guide to Successful Outsourcing

We all know it, we all use it, yet we are in a fix when it comes to outsourcing custom software solution. There are lot of dimension to think about when you are toying with the idea to go for custom software company. Times are rough and you want to know the analytics before you can make the affirmed decision when it comes to outsourcing. And So with years of practise in answering our clients, I have put together an easy self help guide that will help you to make quicker decision on this arena.

1.  Where to start?

The roots of all roots is your business objective, Verbalize what is the one thing you want to get out of this project that would enhance your business. 

2.  is Custom Software a right choice?

Well, it depends on how much customization you require?  Whether there is a built product (off the shelf / SaaS) in market that would satisfy your need?  If these answers are no then consider going for custom software.

3.  What are the other aspects to consider?

1. Costs - Is your investment short or long term? Can you rationalize the costs?
2. Is there adequate development lead - time? 
3. Can it increase the day to day operational efficiency?

4. What are the top benefits?

1. Customized to increase efficiency
2. Affordable - only pay for what you want
3. Easy to use 
You might want to look at this post for more info.

5.  When not to go for custom software

1. You need the software right now or the life cycle is too short to allow development lead time
2. Off the shelf product can satisfy your need at 40% or more less cost
3. Don't need customization and your business can adopt to the off the shelf / SaaS product
4. Not enough budget / investment.
Have a read at this post to decide on buying/building/outsourcing

6. How to choose an IT consultant?

1. Proven records of successful projects
2. Experience of professionals in the company
3. Quality
4. Are they in tune with latest technologies? 
5. Flexibility in accepting changes to the requirements
6. Transparency in conducting the business
7. Clear quotation with cost aligned to the requirements

7. How to choose the deadline?

Never set hard dead line, have a rough estimate, and give enough wiggle room for last minute changes to the requirements, customization, UAT and fine tuning. You wouldn't want a half-baked software on time, do you?

8.  Would it be too costly?

It does depends on many factors, but mainly in the amount of customization, technical specs and features you require. Well, if you had done some research and took quotations from at least 3 different consultants, you can gauge the cost of the software you are looking at. Take a look here to understand more about costing of custom software.

9.  How about maintenance?

It’s vital you talk to the consultant about the kind of maintenance you require. Most consultants charge either a flat yearly fee and/or based on billable hours that went into maintaining your software, like bugs, issues, backup etc.

10.  Data and security concerns

Managing Data and security depends on hosting your software application either in intranet (your own server) or the Internet cloud (managed by 3rd parties). Both have pros and cons. Talk to your consultant when choosing the right solution based on your requirements.

Customized Software Development is a cake walk with the right consultant. Contact us at the below numbers / email to get a free no obligation quote for your custom requirement. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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