Thursday 9 June 2016

Quality over Quantity : Why We Choose ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Although there are various methods of creating order out of chaos in an organization, ISO 9001 certification is the Quality Management System (QMS) that has been widely adopted as standard. It is specifically designed to ensure that the needs of the customers and other stakeholders are met consistently with highest quality.  With this intention in mind, we acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2013. We started by identifying our requirements. Our need was to establish a process and procedures for our organization as we were growing and was finding it difficult to manage the organization without a well-defined process. 

ISO 2008 standards were revised recently to ISO9001:2015, which emphasize more on risk based thinking and management responsibility in continual improvement of process.  We decided to immediately pursue the new standard this year to make sure we stay current with the quality standards for custom software development services.

“PsiberTech Cares” – Our new Support Desk system is one of the several initiatives we are taking to ensure we keep you (our customers) at the centre of all our business process and procedures.  You may learn more about our ISO quality policy and our Support Desk system in this link . ISO 9001:2015 Certification is first in line in our quality road map, which comprises of ISO 9001:27001 and CMMI Level 5. And I am sure with your support and understanding, we can continue to improve and grow together.

PsiberTech Support Desk System

1. Access here for the Online Portal 

2. Raise Tickets / Issues / Queries using online portal or mail 

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Policy

At PsiberTech Solutions the management and the employees are committed to secure a long-term partnership with customers by providing world class solutions and services that exceed expectations.

PsiberTech recognizes that consistent satisfaction of customer needs is essential to business survival. We diligently work towards securing a long term partnership with each customer and we intend doing this adopting the following

1. Developing a productive work environment and fostering a performance based culture

2. Continual improvement of processes that will lead to achievement of higher levels of performance

3. Focusing on managing, leading and developing people resulting in proactive employees, positive management and high performing teams

4. Ensuring that quality standards are met prior to delivery of all products and services, through appropriate quality control and quality assurance practices

PsiberTech emphasize Quality through:


The Management is committed to the Quality endeavor by providing all the necessary resources in terms of manpower, skills, tools etc.

Management Review meetings are conducted quarterly to monitor the effectiveness and continuing suitability of the quality system.

The responsibility for the performance of the quality system in the organization, including international standards and associated procedures is assigned to the Management Representative.


A Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) exists in the organization with representation from the software groups. This group is primarily responsible for establishing, maintaining and constantly improving the organization's software processes and software assets like repository of project data and metrics.

A Software Quality Assurance Group (SQAG) is established whose role is to conduct regular audits and reviews in the projects to ensure compliance to organization standards. They are responsible for early detection of problems/ warning in the project, gathering process improvements and sharing learning across projects.

A strong Training department with trained and experienced training professionals exists. Regular training on technical as well as soft skills is provided to all employees to sharpen their skills and knowledge.


All projects follow a well-defined Software Planning process, which involves detailed estimations, Quantitative goal setting for the project, risk planning, software configuration planning, quality planning and resource planning.

Risk Management is an inherent part of every project involving contingency planning and regular risk tracking.

Value Added Services

Peer Reviews & Testing: PsiberTech's well-defined process for conducting peer reviews aims for an independent assessment of the content and quality of the work products under review. Testing encompasses Unit, Peer, Integration, System, I-Lab and Acceptance testing

Test Lab: It's a well-set independent testing environment with a professional testing team. The purpose is to provide complete Software Validation through Structured Testing, Automation (use of software testing tools) and Simulation to bring a True and Accurate Picture of the Quality of the Product.

Continuous Improvement

Model based approach: In corroboration with the Quality goals, PsiberTech has a well-structured Quality Management System (QMS) having a strong process focus and comprising of Procedures, Guidelines, Standards and Templates adhering to the requirements of both ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI Dev v1.3 L3.

Impending goals: We strive to continuously improve our processes and performance. With this aspect in mind our future aim is to:

1. Achieve CMMI Level 5
2. Continue ISO 9001Certification as per latest release
3. Adopting ISO 27001

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