Thursday 8 September 2016

iPhone 7 & Sinking Business Titanic Ships

Welcome to the era of people waking up, excited to know about the advancement in the technology. Yet another iphone with latest features. While I lean towards android any day, one cannot stop the comparison of features and finding the best of all sides. User centric design was always the no 1 priority of Apple and the latest model iphone 7 and 7 plus features proves that once again. Water & dust resistant, dual powerful camera, stereo speakers and faster performance. Did I forget about the storage increase? I am sure we all want that.

Apart from the debates of which mobile phone is the best, we must understand a lot goes into the process of releasing a new model, more so with giants like Apple or Samsung.  The hardware and software chosen comes out of years of hard work in research, for example the dust and water resistant functionality. Increased processing speed or the way pictures are processed internally requires countless hours of software engineering and development. Simply put when the expectations go higher so does the effort to deliver.

We are in rapid tech environment where everything is moving at an exponential speed. Mobile apps developers are on constant “catch me if you can” race with different new models of mobile. And every new mobile phone brings along zillion possibilities for apps developers, based on its advantages and limitations. Users would always want more and find a way to Jailbreak, or install added security apps like password box, Roboform etc. Now couple that with instant pay features like NFC and retail payment, accounting and banking apps. Bear with me here for the conclusion, I am in the same frenzy as you are while imagining the future of such massive tech run world.

Mobile has replaced literally everything around us from simple calculator, radio, music system, digital camera, gaming, entertainment systems, to banking, business operations and a lot more. This is much harder game for Business owners, to walk the pace with technology and to reach out to its customers in their most preferred channel.  Investing in Technology has never been so vital than today, no matter what you are selling to your customers. Either you run the race or you perish, and we have seen brands becoming overnight titanic ships.

Business needs to include IT investments on their budget to ensure consistent, reliant services to its customers via mobile. While the external customers are important, even the employees need to be invested with enterprise apps and mobility to ensure they in turn provide the best of best services. Partnering with right Technology consultant can help you with it. I welcome you to start that discussion today while we are still at the crossroads of this tech revolution. Have a fantastic day!

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