Thursday 10 November 2016

Never say NO to NODE.JS

The server side framework continuously gaining much popularity since its inception. This framework - developers are afraid to say a NO to - has become the biggest boon to the developer community across the world.

As per analytics, it is evident that more than 70 percent of the world's tech population is accessing the websites on hand held devices such as phones and tabs.  Also a recent survey states that around 35% of the websites are developed using HTML 5. With the rise of the mobile phone usage and HTML 5 popularity, the real time web and mobile applications are progressing.

Apart from these generalized advantages, there are lot many benefits for developer when entered into node.js. 

This framework is an event driven, on-blocking I/O model. It is built on JavaScript to unify both front-end and server-side architectures. 

Hence this framework is ideal for High Performance - Highly scalable - distributed real time web applications. 

 Code can be reused at every level: browser, server side and database.

Some interesting facts:
  •         2 - It is the second most watched repository on GitHub. It is more watched than Ruby on Rails
  •         15 to 4 - LinkedIn went from running 15 servers with 15 instances to just 4 instances that handle traffic 2 times
  •         3800 - There are around 3800 active package authors for node.js
  •         12000 - Node package manager has 12000 modules already

So to put it in nutshell - The growing number of dynamic technologies in web, mobile, social and gaming, point to a bright future for Node.Js

Thanks for your zest to know latest updates and extraordinary support. It is an energizer to write more posts. You might be interested to know about upgrading to Angular 2

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