Monday 7 November 2016

The Internet of Things - World at your fingertips

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon that is currently experiencing huge year on year growth. One of the fastest growing areas within the industry is in the market of home IoT devices. These are devices designed to make life easier. 

Microsoft’s Office suite is a connected service on IoT, Apple’s ecosystem is IoT to the core, and even your late model vehicle is likely connected to IoT in some way. In the consumer world, IoT is simply the reality of all your devices being connected; from your game console, to your cellular phone, the computer in your office and on your coffee table, and even your automated home lighting, air conditioning, and garage door.
The health care giant, Pfizer has recently contracted with IBM to create IoT solutions for their clinical trial environment for Pfizer's Parkinson's disease medication. In a recent Goldman Sachs report, analysts predict that the healthcare arena is slated to experience extremely high levels of change based on the IoT. This scenario provides more creative opportunities for connected IoT developers in the healthcare space. 

Latest McKinsey report have identified nine areas of growth to reach $4 trillion to $11 trillion of value inherit in the IoT's potential. The focus of IoT - "Everything is a service" disrupts the traditional back and forth of the business transactions is spot on. For developers and IT professionals, IoT means that their discipline's value will experience a sea change in the eyes of their leaders. With all of the changes in the cities, Homes Vehicles and among all of the categories of the emerging value in IoT. IT will not only an enable; never again a not so benign cost center; but a true game changer whose capabilities will guarantee a company's future or its demise.

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