Monday 24 April 2017

Software Outsourcing Hacks (2/7) - Baby in a month

Welcome to Software Outsourcing series in PsiberTech Blog. If you are tuning in to this series for the first time, please look here for the first post.

Here is a typical scenario for you, from the customers point of view the software outsourcing must be cost effective and fast.  From the development vendor standpoint, both are opposite commodities and often less time translates to more cost.  So, the development vendor and customer comes to an understanding after several meetings. Which usually works out to customer’s favor. i.e. the understanding that project will be delivered sooner for a slightly increased cost.  I can assure you this is the worst mistake you can do when it comes to outsourcing software development.

Baby in a month

Here’s tip 1 even before we get to the actual problem of this scenario. Assuming you would choose a development company with a decent rating and expertise, you need to listen to the technical glitches of delivering project in a shorter time.  If your development vendor says it can’t be done on the stipulated time, trust his ability to gauge the efforts in finishing the task. 

Fred brooks has put it more so eloquently “Nine women can't make a baby in one month”

Even when a project is not delayed or had to be delivered in short span, more people does not equal more value.  Larger teams tend to move slowly, due to communication limitations and managing the team would often takes more time.  So, the loss of productivity is either borne by customer or by the development vendor.  If it is a small or medium vendor it might translate to huge loss or loss of credentials. When it comes to bigger firms the project is dragged beyond salvage.

When it comes to bigger firms, the headcount shown in the project proposal does not always translates to the actual team in the project.

In either case the outsourced software project fails. Investment may buy more developers but may not buy more value for your software. So, it is wise to create a timeline that is practical and team that is manageable for a successful outsourcing. Sit with your development vendor on those modules and features that can be delivered first and then do a full release. Release in phases is much better than no release isnt?

That’s all for today folks! If you have questions regarding accurate project timeline and effort estimation, please head over here.

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