Wednesday 13 September 2017

Don’t use Custom Software – Why & Why not

It’s not often you come across a post from a custom software company asking you not to use custom software and taking about its disadvantages. Well here you thought right it’s not conventional to do so. 
However, I am not going to paint a false picture promising you the land of rainbows and unicorns. There are situations where custom software is not the right fit and it does come with its own limitations of some sort. 

Let’s explore the most important scenarios in which you should not use custom software development. 


Well just like the tailor-made suit costs different than a readymade suit, custom software does costs more. While it does address niche market requirement, not all company needs custom software for fulfilling their needs. If you can’t afford to invest in custom software, then find out the best possible off the shelf products closely meeting your requirement.


Good software takes time, especially if you are building from scratch. Custom software projects often take time to develop, from few months to few years depending on the complexity of the requirement at hand. So, if you wanted something yesterday custom software is not the right fit for you.

Unless you are sure about the consultant don’t embark on this custom software journey with inexperienced or insufficient internal IT team. Custom applications be it, client server, web apps or mobile apps takes a lot of expertise to design, build and maintain.

It’s vital to have a supportive consultant who can not only provide the right expertise but also maintain the application in the long run.

Last but not the least start with a clear objective and know where you want to go with custom software project. It’s a fantastic vehicle which can take your business to better places, however it is also like this costly car, which needs care and maintenance and does take time to build. However, if you are building the custom software for all the right reasons, then you are at the right place. We have a decade of experience in building enterprise custom software applications and can guide you in your journey. Please feel free to contact us here for a consultation session. Alternatively, you can browse here for the related topic of interest.

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