Tuesday 5 September 2017

IoT For SME (4/5) – Better Safe than Sorry

Thank you for all the feedback and support on IoT blog posts. We have been busy with some major deliveries and so I couldn’t write on this series on time. If you are coming across this IoT series post for the first time, I suggest you look at the earlier posts here. So, without further ado let me welcome you to the post on Security aspects of IoT for SME.

IoT is still in its primitive stage and hence could be tricky to build. And as with any complicated system reliability of IoT-enabled objects is debatable during the initial stage. Therefore, it is important to factor in the network outages or network issues into these components. Malicious or virus infection would be a devastating consequence in the IoT. A hacked IoT network is very disruptive and goes beyond the breaches of privacy.

The first step towards any security measure is understand the risk and have corrective and preventive actions. Strong security protocols need to be considered at the design stage. During your initial stage of the IoT journey make sure you work with a software development company that understands the implications.

Here is the list of things to clarify with your outsourced software development vendor.

1. Proactive, Security oriented approach to coding by choosing reliable solutions.

2. Using digital signatures to verify device’s software authenticity and integrity

3. Role based access control and physical access restriction to devices.

4. Device authentication credentials securely hashed in locked-down memory.

5. Strong encryption protocols for saving and transferring stored data.

6. Always separate the general traffic and traffic between IoT network and

7. Usage of open source and hacking events.

Although IoT could be lot to take in at this point of time, soon it will become the basic element such as use of internet banking or ecommerce. 

Often the in-house development team is insufficient to cater to gigantic needs of building a custom IoT software solution. Hence outsourcing to the right software consultant could be a better way of going about it. If you like to know more details on this topic, please click here. If you like to build a customized software solution using IoT please click here to contact us. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

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