Monday 12 March 2018

Artificial intelligence is the necessity of the day

We have reached a point where businesses absolutely need to adopt Artificial Intelligence to stay relevant.
Even though, Artificial Intelligence is in existence for so many years, it has gained importance in the last few years and it will make greater strides in the years to come.
Lots of devices like smartphones, Televisions, and even mirrors have AI enabled capabilities and the vendors promoting and selling these devices will have enormous growth in the future due to AI adoption.   But the biggest winners during this year and the years to come are data scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDO) who will be in high demand for a long time.

Forrester predicts that AI will blur the boundaries between structured and unstructured data, and 50% of CDO’s will start to report directly to the CEO. As a result, over 13% of data-related jobs on are for data engineers, compared to 1% for data scientists. This reflects the need for practical, action-oriented data pros that can directly impact the bottom line.

How artificial intelligence is driving sales.

Every time Amazon recommends a purchase to a customer, that's artificial intelligence at work. But AI, the ability of computers or robots to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings, is not just limited to huge multinationals.  Even small companies are adopting to AI capabilities on their day to day business.

Sales platform Salesforce estimates it is handling a billion queries every day using its AI system, dubbed Einstein, which is used across small and large businesses.


You might think that implementing or Adopting AI into our business processes is a costlier affair.  This is after all a thought that existed few years ago but now there are lots of players in the market who provides cost effective AI solutions that would fit into your budget.  To put it simple, AI has become inevitable in our business operations and we must adopt AI capabilities in whatever processes that we implement in the business. 

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