Monday 7 October 2019

Programming robots for Healthcare

Robots in Healthcare has become the new future

According to a recent market report, the global medical robotics industry is forecast to be worth US$11.4 billion by 2020 – increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 22 percent from 2015.
74-year-old Ms. Tenzin is at the clinic for her shoulder pain. While she waits for her appointment, a robot rolls by and asks for her symptoms. Later, the doctor prescribes a robotic led exercise application.
This could well be the future of healthcare in Singapore. Several organizations including, the National health robotics lab (Center for Healthcare Assistive and Robotics Technology at Changi General Hospital,) are researching and testing new ways to deliver care and improve staff’s productivity.
Smart hospitals are working on the usage of soft surgical robots, soft rehabilitation robots, health games, and personalized medicines. Proof of concept robots are being built and coded with artificial intelligence in order to learn from social situations at health care facilities.
PsiberTech solutions have been a front runner among the custom software development firms in Singapore and have been contributing to smart city initiatives in bringing tangible changes to the health care industry. 
Considering the aging population in Singapore, these assistive technologies would be directed at the well being of elderly patients. 
For the elderly and those with disabilities, developments in assistive technology and robotics can make a real difference to the way they are able to complete tasks and activities.
For example, personalized exercises can help the patient by imitating the human movement and teaching exercises to the patient. It can also record, assess and report the improvements of the patient to the doctor. This, in turn, would create a series of interconnected events that are aimed to help the recovery of the patient.
The advancements in robotic technologies also pose pressure on the software industry to deliver reliable, scalable, and efficient systems to effectively engineer robots to the needs of healthcare.  Therefore, partnering with the right software solution provider is important for organizations that are venturing into the healthcare space.  
Robotic engineering in Healthcare by PsiberTech Solutions
Robots greet and guide patients at healthcare facilities

The work at PsiberTech solutions is fast-paced, and we love the challenge of tackling new problems that arises while implementing these solutions. 
We are always ready to get our hands dirty and dive into new AI algorithms to deliver high-quality robotic engineering solutions.
We have a proven record of enabling robots to navigate and manipulate objects in human environments in a way that is safe, robust, and socially acceptable. 
We are focusing on the following areas of innovation:
  • Designing and developing robotic systems for human-robot interaction 
  • Navigation for dynamic indoor environments
  • Machine learning and data visualization
  • Manipulation in semi-structured environments
  • Customized web-based applications to control the system

Simply put, we have the capability to turn academic theory to practical application. Healthcare is not just a lucrative industry but also a necessity for our future and its vital that we invest in it. We have a lot to chat with you on this subject, contact us here and together let’s create robust robotic solutions for healthcare.
Srivatsan Aravamudan - Sri
Senior Solution Consultant
Call:   +65 62689551

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