Wednesday 13 November 2019

5 ways Robotic Process Automation Improve eficiency

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, although a relatively new technology, has managed to gain a lot of attention in the corporate world over the past couple of years. The traction is mainly on its promise of improving business efficiency, making employees more productive, and leading to an overall increase in profit.

For many companies, RPA is a game changer; saving them time and money on repetitive manual tasks. From attended automation, where your human workforce uses RPA to accelerate work, to unattended and hybrid human/robot RPA, robotic process automation offers a real-world solution to a real-world problem.

Here are the top 5 ways RPA improves efficiency 

Cost savings:

Reduce operating costs and increase throughput. Cost savings could be approximately 80-90% when a business process performed by a full-time employee is taken over by a software robot.

Better customer experience: Deploying RPA frees up your high-value resources to be put back on customer service. Moreover, it can also eliminate customer pain points such as filling out several application forms and going through touch points of reviews and approvals from multiple human touch points. RPA can take over the entire process, reducing the turnaround time and provide better customer experience.

Improved productivity:

Well implemented RPA can minimize manual, error-prone processes. We could quickly expand the virtual workforce and address the needs of the business easily. In the insurance sector, for example, a virtual workforce can be ramped up in order to process snow/hail claims in the winter, flooding in the summer, etc.

Improved Insights and Analytics

When RPA takes over data and analytics, there are lesser risks of data leakages, obsolete information, and incorrect analytics. Robots can help collect data where it wasn’t feasible for humans. RPA can help companies see right through their data and get actionable/verified insights with minimal error.

Leverage on existing infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns over implementing RPA is that it might replace the existing IT systems. You don’t have to replace the existing systems ( unless you are running on Windows XP of course!) . RPA could leverage on your existing IT systems the same way any of your employee would do.

RPA is a cutting-edge technology that is dramatically changing back-office operations enabling greater innovation by freeing up human labour to focus on idea-generating.

PsiberTech Solutions can help to improve your services by connecting to your existing systems to robot-aware technologies, that increase speed and efficiency and pave the way for your digital transformation. To learn more about how PsiberTech Solution can help streamline your processes with RPA, or for pricing details, drop a comment below or contact us today.

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