Thursday 14 November 2019

When customers deserve better – Disney plus or Minus?

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This is a review of the Disney Plus streaming service 
Well before we go any further let me confess. I am a diehard Disney fan.  And just like many others, I jumped on the Disney plus wagon, no questions asked.  Disney’s heavily marketed launch into the realm of entertainment streaming ended up literally "Frozen" on my TV.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one under the spell.

The problems started just after a few hours of launch, according to, a website that tracks outages. It received more than 8,000 reports of difficulties, mostly with video streaming just like mine. Others have also reported problems logging in. Disney said it was working to resolve the issue after consumer demand exceeded its expectations, said spokeswoman Karen Hobson. The company did not say what caused the problem.  

Disney said it had spent millions of dollars on content and technology to ensure its success in streaming. It also hopes to get 90 million subscribers by 2024.  I know it's hard to go against Netflix who has clearly set a benchmark in streaming, however, I can’t believe a brand like Disney would have not anticipated the demand. I wish they had put more thought into customer onboarding than their marketing.

My disappointment not just stops with the technical glitches in the launch. I have used way too many streaming services and had set expectations with the features of Disney plus. For example, I couldn’t resume playing a movie, it starts from the beginning and I must seek the spot where I was before.  This wouldn’t be a problem if the seeking worked as smoothly as Netflix. Just like an old VCR,  I had to fast forward by time and have no precise control over the exact scene to stop.

It all comes back to the fundamentals of creating an innovative digital experience for the customer. Usability, design coupled with efficient technology, an amalgam of three if done right would make or break a product.

As for me, I would continue to subscribe to Disney minus(pun intended) because I am still a believer. What you think about Disney Plus? Or about creating a seamless customer experience. What components would you consider in creating a good digital experience for your customers? Feel free to comment on them below and have a fantastic day!

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