Tuesday 19 November 2019

Top 6 Features of SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 Features

While most applications today are about the cloud, there are still quite a few enterprises that are using on-premises systems. However, since the beginning of 2019, we were seeing the next generation of Office servers such as SharePoint, Exchange and Teams hit general availability and bringing automation and collaboration for the workforce in the cloud.

SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud- and web-based technologies that help organizations share and collaborate with the team, partners, and clients. From the software perspective, SharePoint is a system designed for businesses to build applications that facilitate the sharing of information and documents on servers. As a server-based platform, it can exist either On-Premises or on the cloud.

Most of the features of SharePoint 2019 revolves around the following three main areas

  1. User experiences developed through SharePoint Online.
  2. Content engagement across all browsers and devices.
  3. Powerful scaling security and compliance capabilities.

Here are the top 6 features of SharePoint 2019.

1. SharePoint Admin Center

The SharePoint Admin Center helps you manage Site Collections, global settings, capabilities, policies, security and more. It’s a powerful console and makes managing your SharePoint online.

2. Modern SharePoint team sites

Modern Team sites are responsive by default, include an out of the box news publishing engine, allowing users to share the news with the rest of the team. Unlike Office 365 where most modern team sites are connected to an Office 365 Group

3. One Drive

Organizations with large on-premises libraries will be pleased to know that SharePoint 2019 brings a significantly improved OneDrive Sync Client. The new iteration features OneDrive Sync Client support for personal and team sites, including files on demand. It also includes push notifications to help create a fast, reliable synchronization experience.

4. Fewer file restrictions

SharePoint Server 2019 removes several annoying restrictions when it comes to file and folder names and sizes:

File and folder names now support all special characters (including # and %, which were missing in previous versions)

The file path length limit has been increased to 400 characters and now supports # and %

SharePoint document libraries now support files up to 15GB (up from 10GB in SharePoint 2016), which is on par (finally!) with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

5. Lists and Libraries

The new preview contains the modern experiences for lists and libraries in team sites. This brings the experience up to date with SharePoint Online. The default lists and library experience is optimized for the most common tasks, allowing users to copy and move files using the command bar as well as pin documents, add files as links, filter, and sort easily and apply formatting to columns.

6. Improved Hybrid App Launcher

The Hybrid App launcher in SharePoint 2019 is more aligned with the one in Office 365, allowing users to have an even more seamless experience between their On-Premises and Online environments in a hybrid model.

Now, that's a pretty well stocked toolbox right there! What do you use already for your file sharing and collaborative environment? Are you looking to build your site in SharePoint 2019? Hit me up to have a free consultation about what PsiberTech solution can help with your SharePoint goals. Have a fantastic day!

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